Evaporation & crystallization system

Evaporation & crystallization system (Mechanical vapor recompression)


Based on features of the MVR process as well as related equipments introduced from abroad, Sinpurely has developed and improved a process system as well as a equipment system, which is used for treatment of industrial waste water with mass organic salts or TDS and brine. This system, combined with the membrane filtration technology, is taking the leading position among similar ones in the world.


These industrial wastewater treatment equipments, designed by Sinpurely, can really meet the requirements of “zero discharge” and industrial brine concentration. By using these equipments, the secondary pollution or even multiple pollution, which is caused by concentrated wastewater, can be completely avoided. Equipments designed and manufactured based on MVR technology by Sinpurely, which are used for concentration & crystallization of brine and other mediums, waste brine recovery and zero discharge, are highly praised with low running cost, stable performance and mature process.